"I followed your instruction to a tee. On my first call I was able to close it the same evening. They bought the best system I recommended, all for $12,000." Shawn Kukowski, Desert Suns Heating and Cooling
"You have an interesting teaching technique; I was awake and interested the entire 3 days during your seminar." David Rehl
"The day after your class I sold $11,680 on one call. The cool part was that after he was sold, he asked me what equipment we were putting in! " Eric Boyce
"The training class was VERY beneficial, I closed a $10,000 job on the phone on the way home after the class!" Brad Rambur, Brizee Heating & A/C
What Can Tom do for You?

What Can Tom do for You?

With more than 35 years of experience in HVAC sales, sales management, marketing and consulting, Tom Piscitelli has a wealth of front-line business expertise.

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